Entries by Helon Hoffer

Avalanche Advisory for Monday, April 23, 2018

Wind slabs that formed over the weekend will still be our primary concern today. Warming yesterday may have allowed some additional bonding of these wind slabs to the icy bed surface.  While they appear similar, these slabs are variable depths across the terrain.  They proved firm and stubborn to human trigger yesterday however that doesn’t mean they are stable.  We would expect an avalanche today to be medium to large in size, particularly in Moderate rated terrain. Again today’s problem makes it a relatively low probability, high consequence day.  With the rising temperatures today spring hazards should being part of your travel decision making.  The forecast temperature and solar gain for today will help move us toward a traditional spring snowpack.  However, we have not reached this point yet so please continue to bring your avalanche gear and a mid-winter mindset. 

Avalanche Advisory for Saturday, April 21, 2018

Recent new snow and steady NW wind is elevating the avalanche danger ratings today. Wind slab is likely to be easily triggered and is not bonded well to the soft new snow or the underlying ice crust. With over 16” of recorded snow on the summit since noon on Thursday, avalanches today could be large. Recent avalanche debris in Hillman’s and Dodge’s has been observed so far through the fog and blowing snow. These recent avalanches plus continued wind loading of slopes are obvious red flags for folks considering playing in or below steep terrain today. Well-developed avalanche paths exist, meaning an avalanche today could also run far onto flat ground. Entering the floor of Tuckerman Ravine today is not recommended as this will require crossing numerous avalanche paths that have the potential to avalanche naturally. With most of avalanche terrain offering a high-risk, high-consequence scenario, lower-angled terrain like the Sherburne will be the safe choice today.